For investors managing their own portfolios, the question of risk tolerance often arises. In a world filled with uncertainties, many are looking for defined exposure.

NYSE American Options offers a new tool for investors to consider for their portfolio management: binary options. This offers one of two outcomes: you’re either in the money, or out of the money – and they’re cash settled.

Watch the webinars below to find out how these work and if they are a resource for you:


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Binary Options – Gaining Exposure to the Market

Presenter: Bill Ryan

Binary options have unique features (distinct from standard options) that may help investors better understand them. Investors interested in participating in up or down movements in equity or ETF securities will learn about:

  • Defined risk
  • Defined payout
  • Cash settlement
Income Generation with Binary Options
Presenter: Bill Ryan

Looking to generate income? Afraid of undefined risk? Binary options offer a way to potentially generate income with defined risk. This webinar will teach investors how binary options can be sold:

  • Without the type of risk associated with short stock or short options positions
  • Without large margin requirements
Hedging With Binary Options

Presenter: Bill Ryan

Want to hedge against a small drop in a stock without buying put options? Binary options allow investors concerned with small stock pullbacks to attempt to protect against those drops without buying expensive insurance. In this webinar investors will learn how binary options:

  • Are available for a short term hedging
  • Can offset risk for small market pullbacks
  • Cost less than standard put options

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