Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

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Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. (Westwood) manages investment assets and provides services for the clients through its two subsidiaries, Westwood Management Corp. (Westwood Management) and Westwood Trust. It operates in two segments: Westwood Management and Westwood Trust. Westwood Management provides investment advisory services to corporate retirement plans, public retirement plans, endowments and foundations, a family of mutual funds called the Westwood Funds, other mutual funds, individuals and clients of Westwood Trust. Westwood Trust provides trust and custodial services and participation in self-sponsored common trust funds to institutions and high net worth individuals. Its revenues are generally derived from fees based on a percentage of assets under management and Westwood Management, and Westwood Trust.
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Suite 1200, 200 Crescent Court
DALLAS, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 756-6900
Fax: (214) 756-6979
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