Waddell & Reed Financial Inc

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Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. is engaged in providing investment management, investment product underwriting and distribution, and shareholder services administration to mutual funds and institutional and separately managed accounts. The Company conducts business through its subsidiaries. The Company operates its investment advisory business through its subsidiary companies, primarily Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company (WRIMCO), a registered investment adviser, Ivy Investment Management Company (IICO), the registered investment adviser for Ivy Funds (the Ivy Funds) and Legend Advisory Corporation, the registered investment adviser for Legend. Its underwriting and distribution revenues consist of commissions derived from sales of investment and insurance products, Rule 12b-1 asset-based service and distribution fees, distribution fees on certain variable products, fees earned on fee-based asset allocation products, and related advisory services.
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OVERLAND PARK, KS 66202-4200
Phone: (913) 236-2000
Fax: (913) 236-2010
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