Verso Paper Corp.

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Verso Paper Corp. (Verso Paper) is a holding company. Verso Paper is engaged in producer of coated freesheet, coated groundwood, and uncoated supercalendered papers. These products are used in catalogs, magazines, retail inserts, and commercial print. The Company operates in three market segments: coated and supercalendered papers; hardwood market pulp, and other, which consists of specialty papers. It is also a supplier of coated papers to catalog and magazine publishers. Its coated freesheet papers are used primarily for annual reports, brochures, and magazine covers. Effective January 27, 2014, Verso Paper Corp, a unit of Apollo Global Management LLC, acquired the remaining 72% interest, in Bucksport Energy LLC, a owner and operator of gas turbine generator.
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Suite 400, 6775 Lenox Center Court
Phone: (901) 369-4100
Fax: (901) 369-4174
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