QEP Resources, Inc.

Company Description
QEP Resources, Inc. (QEP) is a holding company. The Company operates in three lines of business: gas and oil exploration and production, midstream field services, and energy marketing. It conducted through three principal subsidiaries: QEP Energy Company (QEP Energy) acquires, explores for, develops and produces natural gas, oil, and natural gas liquids (NGL); QEP Field Services Company (QEP Field Services) provides midstream field services, including natural gas gathering, processing, compression and treating services for affiliates and third parties; andQEP Marketing Company (QEP Marketing) markets affiliate and third-party natural gas and oil, provides risk-management services, and owns and operates an underground gas-storage reservoir. Effective October 21, 2013, JANA Partners LLC acquired a 7.5% stake in QEP Resources Inc.
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Suite 500, 1050 17th Street
DENVER, CO 80265
Phone: (303) 672-6961
Fax: (303) 294-9632
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