Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc

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Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. (Panhandle) is engaged in the acquisition, management and development of oil and natural gas properties, including wells located on its mineral and leasehold acreage. Panhandle's mineral and leasehold properties are located primarily in Arkansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas, with properties also located in several other states. The majority of its oil and natural gas production is from wells located in Oklahoma. Approximately over 85% of Panhandle's revenues are derived from the production and sale of oil and natural gas. Exploration and development of its oil and natural gas properties are conducted in association with oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, primarily larger independent companies. It does not operate any of its oil and natural gas properties, but has been an active working interest participant for many years in wells drilled on its mineral properties and on third-party drilling prospects.
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Grand Centre Bldg.
Suite 300, 5400 North Grand Blvd.
Phone: (405) 948-1560
Fax: (405) 948-2038
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