Loews Corporation

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Loews Corporation is a holding company. Its subsidiaries are engaged in commercial property and casualty insurance, operation of offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, exploration, production and marketing of natural gas and oil (including condensate and natural gas liquids), interstate transportation and storage of natural gas and operation of hotels. Its subsidiaries include CNA Financial Corporation, which is a 90% owned subsidiary; Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., which is a 50.4% owned subsidiary; HighMount Exploration & Production LLC, and Loews Hotels Holding Corporation. On June 10, 2011, CNA acquired all of the publicly traded shares of common stock of CNA Surety Corporation (CNA Surety). In November of 2011, CNA completed the sale of its 50% ownership interest in First Insurance Company of Hawaii (FICOH). In February 2013, its Loews Hotels & Resorts completed the acquisition of the 225-room Back Bay Hotel in Boston.
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NEW YORK, NY 10065-8087
Phone: (212) 521-2000
Fax: (212) 545-2525
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