IEC Electronics Corp

Company Description
IEC Electronics Corp. (IEC) is a provider of electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) to advanced technology companies. The Company specializes in the custom manufacture of circuit cards and system-level assemblies; an array of cable and wire harness assemblies, and precision sheet metal components. The Company utilizes automated circuit card assembly equipment together with a manufacturing stress testing methods. On December 17, 2010, IEC acquired Southern California Braiding, Inc. Its wholly owned subsidiaries include IEC Electronics Wire and Cable, Inc. (Wire and Cable), IEC Electronics Corp.-Albuquerque (Albuquerque) and Southern California Braiding, Inc. (SCB).
The Company manufactures a range of assemblies that are incorporated into many different products, such as military and defense systems, transportation products, wireless communication systems, and medical systems and instruments. The Company supports multiple divisions and product lines for many of its customers and frequently manufactures successive generations of products.