Gushan Environmental Energy Limited

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Gushan Environmental Energy Limited (Gushan) is a biodiesel producer in People's Republic of China. The Company produces biodiesel and by-products of biodiesel production, including glycerine, plant asphalt, erucic acid and erucic amide. The Company sells its products in China to direct users, including marine vessel operators and chemical companies, in addition to petroleum wholesalers and individual retail gas stations. The Company uses vegetable oil offal and used cooking oil to produce biodiesel. It acquires the raw materials supply for each of its production facilities primarily from local suppliers. The Company has seven production facilities, located in Fujian, Sichuan, Hebei, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hunan in China. The Company's biodiesel production process generates biodiesel and the by-products of biodiesel production, such as glycerine, a distillation residue of biodiesel production known as plant asphalt, erucic acid and erucic amide.
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No. 37, Golden Pond Road
Golden Mountain Ind Dist
Phone: +86 (591) 8385-9133
Fax: +86 (591) 8385-9105
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