Gamco Investors, Inc.

Company Description
GAMCO Investors, Inc. (GBL) is a provider of investment advisory services to mutual funds, institutional and private wealth management investors, and investment partnerships, principally in the United States. The Company provides institutional research services to institutional clients and investment partnerships. It manages assets on a discretionary basis and invests in a range of United States and international securities through various investment styles. GBL's revenues are based primarily on the firm's levels of assets under management (AUM) and to a lesser extent, incentive fees associated with its various investment products. Its AUM is organized into four groups: Investment Partnerships, Institutional and Private Wealth Management, Open and Closed-End Funds and SICAV. GBL markets most of its products under the Gabelli and GAMCO brand names. Specialty brands offered to investors include Mathers, Comstock and Westwood.
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Suite C, 874 Walker Road, Kent County
RYE, NY 10580
Phone: (914) 921-3700
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