Cal Dive International, Inc.

Company Description
Cal Dive International, Inc. (CDI) is a marine contractor that provides manned diving, pipelay and pipe burial, platform installation and platform salvage services to a diverse customer base in the offshore oil and natural gas industry. CDI offers its customers services on an integrated basis for more complex offshore projects. Its global footprint encompasses operations on the Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), the North-eastern United States, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China, Australia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. As of December 31, 2011, the Company owned a fleet of 29 vessels, including 19 surface and saturation diving support vessels, six pipelay/pipebury barges, one dedicated pipebury barge, one combination derrick/pipelay barge and two derrick barges. The Company's customers include major and independent oil and natural gas producers, pipeline transmission companies and offshore engineering and construction firms.
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Suite 2200, 2500 CityWest Boulevard
HOUSTON, TX 77042-3097
Phone: (713) 361-2600
Fax: (713) 361-2690
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