NYSE Liffe U.S. Notices

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The documents listed below are the official 2014 Exchange Notices issued by the NYSE Liffe U.S. market.

pdf No. 11 Approval of New Licensed Depository for 5,000 oz. Silver and 1,000 oz. Mini-sized Silver Futures Contracts and Brands deliverable in Satisfaction of Delivery for Gold and Silver Futures Immediately 17 Apr 2014
pdf No. 10 Change in Minimum Price Fluctuation in Certain Delivery Months in Eurodollar Futures and Futures on DTCC GCF Repo Index® Products status 15 Apr 2014
pdf No. 09 Lifting of Restrictions on the Declaration of Regularity for Manfra, Tordella & Brookes, Inc. Vault Immediately 11 Apr 2014
pdf No. 08 Updated Hedge Exemption Application Form Immediately 26 Mar 2014
pdf No. 07 Renewal of the Eurodollar Futures portion of the General Designated Market Maker Program for Interest Rate Futures status 17 Mar 2014
pdf No. 06 Renewal of the Designated Market Maker Program for Precious Metals Futures status 06 Mar 2014
pdf No. 05 Announcement of the Renewal of the Asian, Latin American and Central European
Designated Market Maker Program for Three-Month Eurodollar and DTCC GCF Repo
Index Futures.
status 18 Feb 2014
pdf No. 04 Delisting of U.S. Treasury Futures status 29 Jan 2014
pdf No. 03 Introduction of Block Trades for Mini Metals Contracts status 22 Jan 2014
pdf No. 02

Modification to the Lead Market Maker Program for Futures on the MSCI Emerging Markets
and Emerging Markets Asia Indices and extension of the Designated Market Maker Program
for Futures on the MSCI ACWI, MSCI ACWI Ex-US, MSCI Emerging Markets Asia Indices

status 16 Jan 2014
pdf No. 01 2014 Exchange Trading Holiday Calendar status 04 Jan 2014

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