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Motley Fool Kicks-Off Campaign to Promote “Worldwide Invest Better Day”


On Friday, August 24, executives and guests of The Motley Fool—a leading online community of retail investors at www.fool.com will visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to celebrate the launch of an investor empowerment campaign designed to offer a unique solution to the current crisis of confidence among individual investors, culminating September 25th with “Worldwide Invest Better Day.”
To kick off this month-long campaign, David and Tom Gardner, co-founders of The Motley Fool, will ring the NYSE Opening Bell. The Gardners are joined by Motley Fool CIO Andy Cross and members of the Motley Fool community, all individual investors who understand the rewards of investing for the long-term in many great companies listed on the NYSE.

 Watch the video of the ringing.

“Worldwide Invest Better Day” will feature investor education, awareness building and empowering conversation around all topics affecting individual investors.  Learn more about getting involved at www.InvestBetterDay.com.
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