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United States Coast Guard Celebrates 222nd Birthday


On Monday, August 6, representatives from the United States Coast Guard will visit the New York Stock Exchange to commemorate the Coast Guard’s 222nd birthday.

To highlight this occasion, Gordon Loebl, Captain of the Port of New York and New Jersey will ring The Closing BellSM.

 Watch the video of the ringing.

About The U.S. Coast Guard
The United States Coast Guard, one of the 5 armed services and the largest active duty military force in New York City, celebrates its 222nd year of existence. It was brought into being in 1790 by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury in George Washington's first cabinet, whose office was at Federal Hall, right across the street from the NYSE. The Coast Guard is America's maritime guardian, vital to the flow of commerce upon the nation's waters. The Coast Guard role can best be summed up as: 'We Protect Those on the Sea. We Protect America From Threats Delivered by the Sea. We Protect the Sea Itself.'  (Source: http://www.uscg.mil/)