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Alexandria Real Estate Equities Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Trading


On Friday, July 13, executives, the board of directors, and guests from Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE) will visit the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary of trading on the NYSE.

To mark this occasion, Joel S. Marcus, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., will ring The Closing BellSM.

 Watch the video of the ringing.

About Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE)
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE) is the largest and leading investment-grade real estate investment trust focused principally on owning, operating, and developing high-quality, sustainable real estate for the broad and diverse life science industry.  Founded in 1994, Alexandria has the first-mover advantage in every core life science cluster location, including Greater Boston, San Francisco Bay, San Diego, New York City, Seattle, Suburban Washington, D.C., and Research Triangle Park. Alexandria’s high-credit client tenants span the life science industry, including renowned academic and medical institutions, multinational pharmaceutical companies, public and private biotechnology entities, U.S. government research agencies, medical device companies, clean technology companies, venture capitalists, and life science product and service companies. As the recognized real estate partner of the life science industry, Alexandria has a superior track record in driving client tenant productivity and innovation through its best-in-class laboratory and office space, collaborative locations proximate to leading research institutions, unparalleled life science real estate expertise and services, and longstanding and expansive network in the life science community. For additional information on Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., please visit www.are.com. (Source: Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.)