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KMG Chemicals Celebrates Transfer to New York Stock Exchange from NASDAQ


On Wednesday, June 20 executives and guests of Houston, Texas-based KMG Chemicals, Inc., visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to celebrate the company’s transfer of its stock listing to the NYSE from NASDAQ.  KMG Chemicals will begin trading on the NYSE that same day under the ticker symbol , “KMG.”

In honor of the occasion, J. Neal Butler, President and CEO of KMG Chemicals, joined by members of KMG Chemicals leadership team, rang the NYSE Closing Bell.

 Watch video of the event.

About KMG Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE: KMG)
KMG Chemicals, Inc., through its subsidiaries, produces and distributes specialty chemicals in carefully focused global markets foundational to the economy. KMG is a U.S. market leader in producing and supplying high-purity process chemicals, which are an integral part of the semiconductor manufacturing process, and wood treating chemicals used to extend the useful life of the nation's wood-based infrastructure. For more information, visit the Company's web site at www.kmgchemicals.com (Source: KMG Chemicals, Inc.)