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Standard Register Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Founding


Standard Register (NYSE: SR), a leader in the management and execution of mission-critical communications visits the NYSE to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary of its founding. In honor of the occasion, F. David Clarke, III, Chairman; Joseph P. Morgan, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer, and Robert M. Ginnan, Vice President, Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer, will ring The Closing BellSM.  In addition to ringing the NYSE Closing Bell, Standard Register will celebrate this milestone with employee activities in its hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and at its facilities throughout the U.S. and in northern Mexico.

 Watch the video of the ringing.

Throughout its first 100 years, Standard Register has provided innovative solutions for business communications needs. The company’s history is the history of technology applied to improving communications. Its current strategy of advancing its customers’ reputations could have applied throughout its history as it helped customers publish and manage important communications. 

About Standard Register
Standard Register (NYSE: SR), celebrating 100 years of innovation, is trusted by the world’s leading companies to advance their reputations by aligning their communications with corporate standards and priorities. Providing market-specific insights and a compelling portfolio of solutions to address the changing business landscape in commercial, financial services, healthcare and industrial markets, Standard Register is the recognized leader in the management and execution of mission-critical communications. More information is available at www.standardregister.com.  (Source: Standard Register)