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Peruvian Government and Business Officials Converge for Second Annual Peru Day


Government officials and business executives from Peru will gather at the NYSE to participate in the second annual Peru Day. The event, hosted by the Peruvian Business Council will provide an opportunity for Peruvian officials and corporate leaders to share insight into the Peruvian capital market and business environment, the country's major developments and economic growth. In honor of the occasion, Mr. Miguel Castilla, Minister of Finance of Peru, rings The Opening BellSM.

 Click here to watch video of the ringing.

Official Delegation:
Mr. Miguel Castilla, Minister of Finance of Peru
Mr. Daniel Schydlowsky, President- Banking Supervisory Agency
Mrs. Lilian Rocca, President - Capital Market Supervisory Agency
Mr. Luis Alberto Arias, Director - Peru's Central Bank
Mr. Jorge Ramos, CEO - Peru's Development Bank
Peru Day:
Peru Day aims to disseminate information about the investment conditions, experiences and opportunities offered by the Peruvian capital market, while exposing all Peruvian players to strategic investors across the most important markets in the world. Peru Day focuses on expanding the Country's visibility and reaching out to global media to deliver key corporate messages. Peru Day offers an opportunity to network with leaders from international corporations. Peru Day in New York includes the traditional New York Stock Exchange bell ringing ceremony, and events throughout Wall Street and New York City.  Peru Day was instituted by the Peruvian Business Council on March 11, 2011 to promote the Peruvian capital market at the global level. (Source: Peruvian Business Council)
About the Peruvian Business Council
The Peruvian Business Council is a non partisan, not for profit organization dedicated to promote investments and business opportunities in Peru.  The Council supports "free trade", commerce, and investments/business development in strategic industries in Peru such as energy, infrastructure, mining, agrindustry, technology and others.  The Council works with public and private stakeholders and key players to promote Peru as an important emerging market and investment destination in Latin America; identifying business opportunities in Peru for medium and large American and international corporations.  For more information, please visit www.peru-us.com. (Source: Peruvian Business Council)