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ExamWorks Group, Inc. Celebrates IPO, First Day of Trading at NYSE


ExamWorks Group, Inc. (NYSE-Listed EXAM) visits the NYSE to celebrate the company’s first day of trading on the NYSE after the successful completion of its IPO, in which it raised $164 million. In honor of the occasion, Richard Perlman, Chairman, ExamWorks, and Jim Price, Chief Executive Officer, rings The Opening BellSM.



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About ExamWorks Group, Inc.
ExamWorks Group is a leading provider of independent medical examinations (“IMEs”), bill reviews, and related services which include litigation support services, administrative support, and medical record retrieval services.  Collectively, the industry is referred to as IME.  ExamWorks provides these IME services through a medical panel of independently contracted physicians and other medical providers.  The clients include property and casualty insurance carriers, law firms, third-party claim administrators, and government agencies that use independent services to confirm the veracity of claims by sick or injured individuals for workers' compensation, automotive, personal injury liability and disability insurance coverage.  Company helps its clients manage costs and enhance their risk management processes by verifying the validity, nature, cause and extent of claims; identifying fraud; and providing fast, efficient and quality IME services.  ExamWorks provides carriers with the national presence they need and with the local service they have come to expect.

Link to related URL : http://www.examworks.com/