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McDonald’s East Division Leadership Team, joined by Ronald McDonald, Visits the NYSE


McDonald’s (NYSE-Listed MCD) East Division Leadership Team visits the NYSE. In honor of the occasion, McDonald’s Owner Operators and executives, joined by Ronald McDonald, ring The Opening BellSM.



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The following individuals participate in the bell ringing:
- Jack Bert, Owner Operator, McDonald's New York Metro Region
- David Hawthorne, Owner Operator, McDonald's New York Metro Region
- Karen King, President, McDonald's East Division
- Mike Meoli, Owner Operator, McDonald's Baltimore-Washington Region
- Mark Salebra, Owner Operator, McDonald's Philadelphia Region
- Albert Seecharan, VP & General Manager, McDonald's Baltimore-Washington Region
- Mason Smoot, VP & General Manager, McDonald's New York Metro Region
- Eddie Williams, Owner Operator, McDonald's Baltimore-Washington Region
- Judy Young, Owner Operator, McDonald's Boston Region

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