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The Economist and NYSE Euronext Host Inaugural Buttonwood Gathering at the NYSE


The Economist and NYSE Euronext Host Inaugural Buttonwood Gathering at the NYSE . In honor of the occasion, Andrew Rashbass, Chief Executive Officer of The Economist Group rings The Closing Bell®.



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The inaugural Buttonwood conference, sponsored by NYSE Euronext, Thomson Reuters, OMERS Worldwide and Royal Bank of Canada, will take place October 15-16 in New York City at Pace University and the New York Stock Exchange.

The Buttonwood Gathering event will focus on restoring trust in the global financial system and feature a Town Hall Meeting where delegates can direct questions to global experts.  Maria Bartiromo of CNBC will broadcast her signature show, “Closing Bell,” live from the event.

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About the Buttonwood Gathering event
In the 18th century traders and speculators gathered under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street to conduct their business. Things have changed since those humble days. The global financial system has been a vast engine of economic growth, but today’s financial crisis and subsequent economic downturn has left the system in a complete shamble. As financial institutions struggle to keep afloat, governments are faced with dismal choices - enduring massive upheaval in the private sector, lending vast amounts of the public’s money, even nationalisation. As the news appears grimmer, the platform for rebuilding the financial system must start with the restoration of trust. The Buttonwood Gathering- named after that early gathering spot and the financial column that appears in each week’s issue of The Economist- will draw together leading policymakers, banking executives and regulators to discuss efforts to restore trust in the system and chart a path to recovery. Strong risk prevention and a solid framework of regulation that allows for responsible innovation is key to this progress. In the words of President Obama, it is time to “pick ourselves up” and “dust ourselves off”. The decisions made about how to fix the system in the coming months will have profound consequences and will shape the prosperity of future generations.

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