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Speakers from the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute Workshop open the trading day


The NYSE Euronext and Tinbergen Institute Workshop is taking place in Amsterdam, at Beursplein 5, today. Top scientists from around the world will participate in the workshop.

Sakkapop Panyanukul, winner of the Young Scholar Award, and researcher at the Warwick Business School in England, sounds the gong.

Today academics participating in the Liquidity and Volatility in Today’s Markets workshop will present recent findings on the workings of the financial markets. Interest in this topic has peaked in connection with the consequences of and explanations for the lack of liquidity in today’s financial markets as well as the general rise in volatility.
The workshop has been organised by the Tinbergen Institute, a joint research institute operated by Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and University of Amsterdam, in conjunction with NYSE Euronext.

Read more: www.tinbergen.nl