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Listing of two new iShares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Marko van Bergen, Managing Director Barclays Global Investors Benelux, sounds the gong and celebrates the listing of two new iShares Exchange Traded Funds (ETfs) in Amsterdam.

These two new products provide new investment opportunities for Dutch and foreign investors. The iShares S&P Emerging Market Infrastructure fund provides access to the biggest listed companies in the world’s emerging markets infrastructure industry.

The launch of the iShares € Covered Bond is a response to the growing investor demand for fixed income products. Covered bonds are issued by financial institutions (mainly banks) and have a high credit rating because the bonds are backed by a pool of assets that can guarantee their value if the issuer defaults.

iShares is the ETF division of Barclays Global Investors, one the world’s largest asset management companies and the leading provider of products such as trackers and services in the areas of investment management.

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For these two new trackers' prices:
S&P Emerging markets infrastr. (IEMI) and € Covered Bond (ICOV)