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High School University of Cranford Students Visit the NYSE


Visiting students from The High School University of Cranford ring The Opening BellSM.


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The High School University of Cranford
The High School University of Cranford is a four year "differentiated journey" for highly motivated students at Cranford High School. These students begin their application process towards the end of 8th grade. If accepted, the students are grouped by academic interest and assigned an academic advisor. These students are required to take an advanced placement class each year, beginning with AP World History as a freshman. Additionally, they are exposed to a variety of academic experiences based on their area of interest.

The students partake in seminars, field trips and other forms of enrichment. Additionally, partnerships with local colleges have been formed, which allow these students a variety of experiences beyond what is offered at CHS. Service-learning is also a large portion of The High School University of Cranford. The students' talents are used to connect what they have learned to the community.

Link to related URL : http://www.cranfordschools.org/chs/projects/university/