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Richard Weurding, General Managing Director of the Dutch Federation of Insurers, opens the European trading day


The Federation of Insurers is an interest group representing private insurers active in the Dutch market. The members of the Federation together represent more than 95 percent of the insurance market. The federation is an independent body managed and financed by its members. Political decisions and social developments can have a major impact on the insurance industry. Disability, work-related sickness, anti-crime measures, pension policy, and traffic safety are all areas that insurers deal with on a daily basis. That is why it is important that the interests of insurers as well as those of insurance consumers, are taken into account when these decisions are made. The Federation acts as an advocate for these interests by participating in many projects and working groups in a wide variety of areas. The Federation represents insurers in consultations with national and European politicians and government leaders, with sister organisations and other trade organisations and advocacy groups such as the Dutch Consumer Federation, unions and employers’ organisations.

The Federation acts as a bridge between the insurance industry and other parties in the community. This particular function has become more important in recent years as the government has continued to transfer more responsibility to the market, and because insurers are committed to keeping a close eye on what happens in the world around them.

Richard Weurding joined the Federation in 1987, and has held a number of positions since then. In particular, he provided policy support in areas such as consultation on labour standards and fraud control, and as secretary of the Federation was involved in policy areas such as legal aid, general liability and technical insurance.

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