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Jerry de Leeuw, CEO of Mercurious, Training & Consultancy, sounds the gong to celebrate the translation of his book "Energy problems & future perspective"


The integration of the energy sector into the financial markets is fuelled by the liberalization of the energy markets. Like the credit crunch, this development leads to demand for high-quality theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The classical financial players, like banks and retirement funds, therefore demand insight in the physical working and handling of energy products, while the energy companies on the other hand are searching for know-how and skills in the field of derivatives and risk management.

To meet international demand, the book "Energy problems & Future perspective" was translated into English, due to of the international nature of the energy sector in general and the activities of Mercurious in particular.

Mercurious educates people in the financial sector and the energy branch with respect to their trade. In 2008, the company was active in several countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its specialities are all aspects involving trade. It considers her competencies to be in market forces, pricing, auditing, financial products, (including derivatives, commodities & energy) portfolio-optimalization and risk management. It’s clients include exchanges, supervisory boards, banks, brokers, retirement funds and energy users. Mercurious has its office in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam.

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