Boston Beer Co.

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The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (Boston Beer) is a craft brewer in the United States. During the year ended December 31, 2011, Boston Beer sold approximately 2.5 million barrels of its products (core brands) and brewed or packaged approximately 13,000 barrels under contract (non-core brands) for third parties. During 2011, the Company sold over fifty beers under the Samuel Adams or the Sam Adams brand names, seven flavored malt beverages under the Twisted Tea brand name, three hard cider beverages under the Angry Orchard brand name and one hard cider under the HardCore brand name. Boston Beer produces malt beverages and hard cider at Company-owned breweries and under contract arrangements at other brewery locations. The Company-owned breweries are located in Boston, Massachusetts (the Boston Brewery), Cincinnati, Ohio (the Cincinnati Brewery) and Breinigsville, Pennsylvania (the Pennsylvania Brewery). During 2011, the Company launched the Angry Orchard brand family.
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Suite 850, One Design Center Place
BOSTON, MA 02210
Phone: (617) 368-5000
Fax: (617) 368-5500
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