Banco Bradesco, S.A.

Company Description
Banco Bradesco SA (the Bank) is Brazil-based private-sector commercial bank. It offers a range of banking and financial products and services in Brazil and abroad. The Bank divides its operations in two main areas: banking services, including activities such as deposit-taking activities, individual and corporate banking services, credit operations, credit and debit cards, leasing operations, investment banking, international banking, asset management and consortium services; and insurance services, management of complementary private pension plans and savings bonds, with activities such as several types of insurance, pension plans (including individual and corporate plans), saving plans and pension investment contracts. The Company has a number of direct and indirect subsidiaries, including Banco Alvorada SA, Banco Bankpar SA, Banco Ibi SA, Bradesco Participacoes SA, Tempo Servicos Ltda and Uniao de Participacoes Ltda, among others.
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Av. Paulista, 1450 - 1 andar
01310-917 Sao Paulo
Phone: +55 (11) 3684-3311
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